Actualización: Urban Terror 4.2.015

384.1FrozenSand ha anunciado que la actualización 4.2.05 está disponible, esta actualización reintegra el sistema de autenticación y resuelve algunos problemas descubiertos en la versión 4.2.014.

Para actualizar simplemente corra el UrTUpdater y siga las instrucciones en pantalla.

Este es el log de cambios de la versión (en inglés):


  • New authentication protocol securized
  • Fixed the alignment of a window texture on one of the buildings in the nonplay area of Turnpike
  • Decreased the specular effect on the SPAS12
  • Decreased the specular effect on the Colt 1911 and darken the current texture
  • Fixed Colt 1911 whiteout bug
  • Re-timed Colt 1911 reload animation
  • Increased Colt 1911 spread
  • Updated Mac11 sounds
  • Reduced Mac11 spread
  • Fixed respawn protection hits being displayed in Jump Mode
  • Enabled missing radio calls in Jump mode and enabled UI radio menu
  • Correctly stop Jump timers on Timelimit Hit and map restart
  • Fixed wave respawn timers not showing in freecam
  • Improved FFA/LMS spawn selection system
  • Improved ut_itemuse (supports string arguments now, e.g. «ut_itemuse nvg»)
  • Enhanced game load fail messages (VM_Create failed on UI and Invalid game folder): will now display a User Friendly message
  • Added support for Console and UI fields pasting on Linux (requires xclip) and Mac OSX (CTRL+V)
  • Added g_shuffleNoRestart 0/1: if set to 1 shuffleteams will not restart the map
  • Added g_inactivityAction 0/1: define inactivity action (0: kick, 1: move to spec)
  • Added cg_noci 0/1: it disables the Connection Interrupted center screen text
  • Added cg_cleanFollow 0/1: it disables some of the instructions displayed when following players
  • Added cg_exposeBots 0/1: visual bot identification
  • Added cg_drawMapLocation 0/1 (configurable in minimap settings UI): shows current map location near health bar
  • Added cg_killsound (configurable in weapon settings UI): will play a local sound when the hit enemy is killed
  • Removed racejump: using only racefree for solo modes
  • Added Match Mode Ragequit protection (on a paused game, when an entire team disconnect from the server, reset match status and clear the pause)
  • Added missing log lines for VotePassed and VoteFailed (for external bots)
  • Display the current nextmap upon g_nextmap callvote
  • Do not reset scores when going substitute
  • Changed the vests and helmets for the SWAT and Red Dragons to 4.1 solid colours
  • Changed the vests for Free team to dark grey
  • Changed colours to team names in the player set up menus eg: orange is now Fugitives
  • Disable bind execution when radio UI is opened
  • New damage values for Groin (97%) and Butt (90%) when using SR8
  • Allow walljumping without actually jumping before (falling): 4.1 behavior (eg. turnpike window stairs to WC jump)
Esta actualización trae un regalo: un nuevo mapa creado por Nounou llamado Ghosttown, esta mapa está pensado para ser jugado de 12 a 18 jugadores, incluye modo de juego vertical lo cual da muchas oportunidades para saltos y es el primero diseñado para ser jugado en las modalidades de DeathMatch y Capture The Flag.
Acá les dejo un vídeo de este nuevo mapa:

What do you think?

Written by Richzendy


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